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Closure of Bell Lane to through traffic
For safety reasons, Warwickshire Police have
applied for and obtained an emergency closure order to Bell Lane from the Wolverton Road junction with vehicular access to properties in Bell Lane from Church Road only. Pedestrian access not affected

Period of Smiths Lane Road Closure from The Green/School Road junction to Frogmore Road, commencing Thursday, 29th September, now extended to Friday, 23rd December.

Click here for draft minutes of Snitterfield Parish Council meeting to discuss Smiths Lane Road Closure on Monday, 28th November and here for the decision of Warwickshire County Council to reaffirm the closure of Bell Lane until culvert works in Smiths Lane are complete, this following a meeting arranged on 30th November to discuss parishioners concerns.

Presentation and book signing for new book on Welcombe House, Sunday, 11th December, 2.00pm to 5.00pm, held at Welcome Hotel. Click here for poster.

Snitterfield Parish Council meeting, Monday, 12th December, 7.30pm, back room of Snitterfield Village Hall. Click here for Agenda

Click here for key public health messages


Click here for latest Snipe Newsletter

Click here for the latest Chairman's blog for Snitterfield Garden Club

The village of Snitterfield lies in the midst of undulating countryside in the heart of Warwickshire and is situated some 4 miles (6.4km) north of Stratford upon Avon. It derives its name from the early name ‘Snyenfeld’, referring to ‘Feld, signifying a cleared stretch of land amid the Forest of Arden, and ‘Snyten’, referring to the wisp of snipe that frequented the meadows near the Sherborne Brook, which flows through the village.
The Parish covers a total of some 3,912 acres (1565 hectares), although it is likely that this figure will be increased in the near future, with the reworking of parish boundaries. Much of this area is good quality farming land, interspersed with wildlife sanctuaries, such as the Snitterfield Bushes.
The village itself is a thriving community with a wide range of amenities, facilities and activities and is one of the larger villages in the Avon Valley.
This website was inspired by the fine embroided wall hanging, produced by a group of women from the Parish to celebrate the new millennium and provides a unique snapshot of the many elements that go to make such a flourishing community..

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Last updated on 7th December 2016
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