An Alternative Option to that proposed by the Sports Club's Development Committee

At the last Parish Council meeting on 10th April, Ken Chatland, a founder member of both Tennis Club and Sports Club, furnished the Parish Council, by email, with an alternative option to that presented and voted for by the Sports Club at an EGM in June 2016.

It proposed building the new clubhouse (replacing the existing bowls pavilion) on the Sports Club site adjacent to the existing bowling green, reducing the number of new houses from 9 to 7 and leaving the tennis courts where they are. It provided for 30 car park spaces with access to the lower field for temporary car parking for events such as the Village Fete.

It proposed to either refurbish the existing Parish Council owned pavilion or, should funds allow, provide a completely new pavilion, with increased car parking (total of 16 spaces) to the Parish Council owned playing field, whilst leaving adequate access for such events as the Village Fete.

Such works would be in 4 phases, take 3 to 4 years to complete and include a temporary clubhouse over the first two phases of the work.

Phase 1 would be developing the 4 terrace houses on the Wolverton Road and, once they are sold, using the surplus to build the clubhouse (Phase 2). Phase 3 would be developing the 3 terrace houses overlooking the bowling green, and, once they are sold, using the surplus to refurbish the Parish Council owned pavilion on the playing field (Phase 4).

On completion of the project, it is estimated that the Sports Club would have a surplus of at least £150000, enough to provide additional facilities should there be a demand for them or fund the upgrading of the children's play area.

Click here for the note sent to the Parish Council prior to the meeting of 10th April, here for a suggested phasing of the project, along with estimated costs (based on the figures used in the Development Proposal) and here for a sketch plan.