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Councillor G.J. Stammers (Chairman)
Councillor R. J. Fitchford
Councillor A. G. M. Jones
Councillor J. Jacobs
Councillor Miss C. Kimberley
Councillor Mrs. S. Morlidge

County and District Councillor R.G. Hobbs

Clerk of the Council, I. A. Wilkins
6 Members of Public

Prior to the formal agenda, Mr. Charles Barlow, Rural Housing Enabler, Warwickshire Rural Community Council, addressed the Meeting on the results of the recently completed Snitterfield Housing Needs Survey. Mr. Jeremy Page, Head of Development and Ms. Zoe Siani, Development Officer, South Warwickshire Housing Association accompanied him
Mr. Barlow outlined the background to the survey and said that the 40% response was the highest recorded for a stand-alone distribution. He went through the contents of the survey and noted that the demographics profile closely mirrored the 2000 Census. He referred to parishioners' responses on positive and negative aspects of life in the Parish and he noted that the negative issues included a perception of anti-social behaviour. Also a lack of facilities, e.g. Post Office and Bus Service. He concluded that a need for 14 new homes in Snitterfield for local people had been identified, the majority for 2-bedroom accommodation. His recommendation was that an exercise be carried out to identify a suitable piece of land to meet those housing needs.
Mr. Page identified a section of land containing garages off Bearley Road and said that this could be made available for approximately four dwellings, but access would be restricted
The Chairman thanked the speakers and undertook to arrange for the survey to be included on the Parish Website. He went on the identify two concerns that would need to be resolved, i.e. adequate sewage facilities and provision of space for car parking
It was agreed that the next action would be to make contact with the owner of the land at the rear of the garages to discuss the possibility of the provision of a piece of land to extend the identified site.
The presentation finished at 7-55 p.m.


Councillor Mrs. S. Morlidge

Planning Application 06/03274/FUL
Joiners Cottage, The Green
Personal Interest
  Councillor Jones Planning Application 06/03141/AGNOT
Bell Brook Farm
Prejudicial Interest
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th November, 2006, having been previously circulated, were agreed and signed by the Chairman
  (a) Energy Conservation
    The Clerk reported that he had been in contact with Ms. Cindy Musgrave, Marketing Manager of 'SWEEP' and she had confirmed her willingness to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council.
It was agreed to invite her to attend the January Meeting
Councillor Jones submitted a paper on setting up a team to help the Parish of Snitterfield to reduce its carbon footprint
He reported that he had commenced a thermal imaging project and submitted several examples. He said that the analysis had yet to be completed, but he would present results at the next Meeting
  (b) Damaged Street Furniture
    It was noted that the 'Bell Lane' sign had been re-installed
The 'Snitterfield' sign, Wolverton Road and the Fire Hydrant sign were still outstanding
Councillor Hobbs undertook to follow up
Councillor Hobbs reported that no decision had yet been made with regard to the Planning Application for a gypsy site off Warwick Road, Blackhill. He said that 24 objections had been received
    (1) Reported that the Planning Application for a gypsy site off Warwick Road, Black Hill had been refused under delegated powers. He went on to outline the reasons for refusal
    (2) Said that he had accompanied the Chief Executive on a tour of the Parish. He had brought several issues to his attention, including outstanding planning enforcement cases, grass cutting in Hurdlers Lane and the car parking problem in Highfield Close. He had not yet received any feedback.
The Chairman undertook to write a letter asking for an update on progress with the planning enforcement issues
    (3) Reported that the Governing Body of Snitterfield School had filled a vacancy by appointing a Staff Governor. A vacancy remains for a Community Governor, preferably with good knowledge of I.T.
Payments to be Authorised
  (a) Powergen

Street Lighting supply

  (b) Society of Local Council Clerks Annual Subscription
  (c) Lloyds TSB Safe Custody Fee
  (d) British Gas Gas supply to Village Hall
(Direct Debit)
  (e) Powergen Electricity supply to Village Hall
(Direct Debit)
Proposed Councillor Mrs. Morlidge, Seconded Councillor Jones
'That the payments be authorised'
So resolved, nem con

Mr. & Mrs. Flowers
Mole End

Church Road

Alterations and extensions to dwelling
Submission Support - provided that there is no loss of light to the adjoining property 'Yew Tree Cottage'
N.B. the property is in the Green Belt

Grange Supplies
Grange Meadow

Ingon Lane

Application for existing lawful development for the storage and distribution of specialist equipment and supplies (B8) including small ancillary retail area (A1) and other ancillary uses including an office
Submission Support - on the basis that there is evidence of trading activity during the past ten years

Niall Conway Treework Ltd.
1, The Gables

Smiths Lane

2no. Lombardy poplar: reduce height by 50%
Submission Support

Mr.& Mrs. S. Yendall

Bearley Road

Demolish existing dwelling and construct replacement dwelling. Construct swimming pool enclosure to existing pool. Amendments to existing driveway
Submission Support - provided that the Green Belt Policy of 30% increase is not compromised, nor a precedent set
Energy conservation and reduced carbon emissions is subject of a village project - this is a good example

Mr. & Mrs. A. Jones
Bell Brook Farm

11, Park Lane

Erection of a barn at land at Pigeon Green
Submission Support - it will enable the applicant to increase farming activities. It is suggested that the design of the barn lacks character
Councillor Jones left the Meeting during consideration of this item

Mr & Mrs. O. Schmidt-Hansen
1, The Gables,
Smiths Lane

Proposed conservatory and minor alterations
Submission Support - the internal modification will enable the applicants to return the interior to nearly its original design
The addition of the conservatory will not detract from the character of this important building in the village centre

Mr. J. Wigington
Hawkswood Farm
Gospel Oak Lane

Retention of log cabin, wooden clay pigeon towers and earth bunding. Construction of Shakespeare walk and new farm building

Submission Objection - concern about over-development of the site, no justification or reason for the new barn and no consideration for safety of people using the proposed wild flower walk. The walk is adjacent to the clay pigeon shooting ground (map A to B); it is felt that this is too close and constitutes a safety risk to the public using the wild flower walk
The Council has received many planning applications from this farm and, to date, there is no commercial activity for the museum

Mr. & Mrs. Field
7, Shelby Lane

Conservatory to rear of property

Submission deferred  

Mrs. C. Morris
Land adj. Ingon Lake
Ingon Lane

Siting of caravan for residential occupation next to lake

Submission deferred  

Duncan Parker
Joiners Cottage
The Green

Erection of a domestic wind turbine

Submission deferred  
Councillor Jacobs left the Meeting at 8-30 p.m.
The Chairman then suspended the Meeting for a period of public participation
The Meeting resumed at 8-45 p.m.
07. PLANNING MATTERS (continued)

P. Farley and R. Mander
Land off Church Road

4 lock up garages
Permission with Conditions

Mr. G.Grasby, Mrs. B.Grasby
and Mr. R.A.W.Booth
The Green

Demolition of single storey rear wing and outbuilding and construction of new 2 storey accommodation. Garage, vehicular access and ancillary works

Permission with Conditions

Mr. & Mrs. S. Hamilton Smith
Warwick Road
Black Hill

First floor extension to side. Demolish existing garage and replace with detached garage with living accommodation over
Permission with Conditions
(d) Mr & Mrs. A. Jones
Bell Brook Farm
11, Park Lane

Erection of barn at land at Pigeon Green

Notice that prior approval is not required

Warwickshire County Council

C93/08 Luscombe Farm Culvert Replacement

Noted. Notice to be displayed on Notice Board
Stratford on Avon District Council

Initiative to tackle Graffiti across the District

Details of sites in the Parish to be submitted

Christmas Bank Holiday Refuse and Recycling Collection Arrangements

To be displayed on Notice Board
RHT Developments Ltd.

Shared Ownership Property at Hurdlers Lane

Notices to be displayed on Notice Board. Rural Housing Enabler aware of vacancy
Mrs. J.A. Meyers

Provision of Grit/Salt Bin

Agreed to make a site visit to ascertain most appropriate position
The Chairman introduced the subject, which had been raised during the period of
public participation at the November Meeting. He referred to the comments made by
Mr. Jeremy Page, South Warwickshire Housing Association at the presentation prior
to the formal agenda concerning financial provision to a remedial scheme
The matter was fully discussed and it was agreed to
  (1) Write a letter to the County Council, with a copy to the Housing Association,
outlining the problem and requesting action to resolve the situation
  (2) Write a letter to the house owners in Highfield Close
  (3) To make enquiries to ascertain the projected cost of the project
Councillor Miss Kimberley
Referred to the sign advertising direction to the Farm Shop and queried its legality
It was pointed out that the newly erected sign was a replacement. It served a useful purpose, not only advertising a local facility, but also directing traffic away from the village centre
Asked the Clerk to produce a current list of allotment holders in order to clarify a dispute on tenancy - the Clerk undertook to deal
Raised the matter of expenses payable to the Clerk and said that these should include the use of e-mail
It was agreed that this item should be taken into account by the Working Party considering the whole matter of the Clerk's Pay and Expenses
Councillor Fitchford
Raised the matter of the Leylandii trees adjacent to the Sewage Works. He said that they obstructed the Public Footpath and there was a need for them to be trimmed and the height reduced
It was agreed to contact Severn Trent

Councillor Mrs. Morlidge
Reported evidence of moles in the Cemetery - the Clerk undertook to deal
Reported damage to the grass verge at the end of Park Lane at junction of Pigeon Green
Councillor Hobbs said that this was caused by large vehicles having insufficient space to turn around parked cars at this junction. He advised that reinstatement work would not be a high priority for the County Council
Referred to the recent road accident at the junction of Ingon Lane and Warwick Road, which resulted in a fatality. She suggested the need to improve visibility at the junction
Councillor Hobbs recommended no further action until the Police enquiries had been completed to ascertain the cause of the accident
Reported that she had recently attended a coffee morning including a presentation of the new Police Neighbourhood Scheme. She gave details of the Scheme and said that the Police were anxious to receive reports of incidents of crime and disorder

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the Meeting closed at 9 -30 p.m.

Peter Morlidge
Referred to Planning Application 06/03274/FUL by Duncan Parker to erect a domestic wind turbine at Joiners Cottage, The Green
He voiced his objection to the proposal and said that it would have a significant visual impact on the village environment. There would be dubious energy gain. He went on to say that the information supplied with the application was not specific enough, with no details of noise and efficiency. He calculated that the turbine would be approximately 23 feet off the ground and this was not appropriate, particularly in a Conservation Area
He urged Councillors to make a site visit before making their response
Alan Morris
Reported that the Environment Agency had cleared the ditch in The Green from Sherbourne House to the Old Waterworks
Referred to the junction of White Horse Hill and Kings Lane and complained that a motorist's view was obstructed by parked cars on the verge
The Chairman said that a remedial scheme had been agreed with the County Council and he hoped that the problem would soon be resolved
Councillor Hobbs
Referred to a letter from Sheldon Bosley concerning proposed alterations to Sycamore House, White Horse Hill and asking for the views of the Parish Council
The Chairman said that he had studied the letter, but the other Members would need to consider the correspondence before a response could be made