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Councillor G.J. Stammers (Chairman)
Councillor R. J. Fitchford
Councillor A. G. M. Jones
Councillor J. Jacobs
Councillor Miss C. Kimberley
Councillor Mrs. S. Morlidge

Clerk of the Council, I. A. Wilkins
6 Members of Public

Prior to the formal agenda, Ms. Cindy Musgrave, Marketing Manager of South Warwickshire Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) gave a presentation to the Meeting
She spoke of the effects of climate change and the need to use renewable energy, e.g. wind, solar and growing energy crops. She went on to outline measures to increase energy efficiency in the home, including low energy light bulbs, condensing boilers and insulation. She gave details of a telephone advice line
She said that 'SWEEP' would be able to work with an energy efficiency team from the village to arrange an exhibition with posters for display and leaflets for distribution. Parishioners would be asked to complete a questionnaire on the leaflet, which they would bring to the exhibition for appropriate advice. She said that all advice was impartial, but they did liase with certain approved local contractors. She concluded that grants were available irrespective of means
The Chairman thanked Ms. Musgrave for the presentation and said that the Council wished to maintain liaison with a view to arranging an exhibition in due course
The presentation ended at 7-40 p.m.
There followed a ten-minute period of public participation, which concluded at
7-50 p.m

County and District Councillor R.G. Hobbs (for late arrival)

Councillor Mrs. S. Morlidge

Planning Application 06/03274/FUL
Joiners Cottage, The Green
Personal Interest
Councillor Miss Kimberley Planning Application 06/02229/LDE
Spring Farm House, Warwick Road, Black Hill
Personal Interest
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th December, 2006, having been previously circulated, were agreed and signed by the Chairman
  (a) Damaged Street Furniture
    It was noted that the 'Snitterfield' sign in Wolverton Road was still lying on the grass verge
The hydrant sign in School Road is apparently the property of British Gas.
The Clerk undertook to follow up
  (b) Problem of Parked Cars - Highfield Close
    Nothing to report - the matter is ongoing
  (c) Leylandii Trees - Sewage Works
    Nothing to report - the matter is ongoing
  (d) Provision of Grit-Salt Bin
    It was noted that a salt bin is already in situ at the junction of Church Road/Park Lane
It was agreed that Mrs. Meyers should be advised to use this bin when the need arises
(a) Charifund

Investment Dividend

(b) Charinco Investment Dividend
Payments to be Authorised
(a) ABB Limited

Street Lighting Maintenance

(b) Jukes Pest Services Mole Control Contract
(c) Powergen Electricity Supply to Village Hall
(Direct Debit)
It was agreed that the next annual contract for mole control should include the land at the War Memorial
Proposed Councillor Mrs. Morlidge, Seconded Councillor Fitchford
'that the listed payments be authorised'
So resolved, nem con

Duncan Parker
Joiners Cottage

The Green

Erection of a domestic wind turbine
Submission The Council is unable to support this application because there is no published policy from the District Council with respect to 'domestic wind turbines'. Also, we are unable to determine the height of this structure and the impact upon the open countryside and the Conservation Area in the oldest part of the village
Further information and guidance is requested
We are about to launch a village project to reduce the carbon footprint for the Parish, but we need guidance and support from the District before we go ahead in 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Field
7, Shelby Lane

Conservatory to rear of property
Submission The Council supports this application and feels that the impact upon adjoining properties will be minimal and any light pollution from the roof should also be acceptable

Mrs. C. Morris
Land adj. Ingon Lake

Ingon Lane

Siting of caravan for residential occupation next to lake
Submission The Council objects to this proposal to place a residential caravan in open countryside covered by the Green Belt Policies PPG2 and PR2
Also the entrance to the site is restricted and on a corner. Vehicles entering and exiting the site will impede the follow of fast flowing traffic using Ingon Lane
The location is known to flood in heavy rain and is always a hazard when icy conditions prevail

Ms. M. Yates
2, The Knob

The Green

Demolish existing rear extension and erect new rear extension to form bedroom over kitchen and dining room
Submission The Council fully supports this proposal to extend this very small cottage. The proposal has the support of the neighbouring properties and is well within the 30% guidelines set out in the Green Belt Policy PPG2 and PR2

Mr. & Mrs. G. Boxall
Old Coach House

Church Road

T1 - horse chestnut: fell
Submission deferred  
The Chairman reported that he had attended a Meeting of the West Area Planning Committee on 4th January to represent the Council's view on two planning applications
  (1) Hawkswood Farm, Gospel Oak Lane - Granted - it was noted that some exhibition material had been delivered
  (2) Chestnut Cottage, Wolverton Road - Granted - he said that it was of concern that the planning officer had failed to list the Village Design Statement as a planning constraint; also he had failed to uphold the Green Belt Policies
It was his intention to write a letter to Mr. Pat Reid expressing concern that such policies were apparently being ignored

Grange Supplies
Grange Meadow
Ingon Lane

Application for existing lawful development for the storage and distribution of specialist equipment and supplies (B8) including small ancillary retail area (A1) and other ancillary uses including an office
Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development issued

Mrs. Eileen Gunn
2, Bell Brook

To lift canopy of one Elm tree
To reduce height to 12 metres of 4no. Leylandii trees
To selectively reduce stem over road by 25% of one Willow tree and reduce other stem by 3 metres
To reduce stem over road by 20% and stem over Bell Brook bridge by 20% of one Willow tree lifting lower canopy

Consent with Conditions  

Mrs. Lee
Land adjacent to Warwick Road
Black Hill

Change of use for gypsy occupation of 4no. plots each comprising 1no. mobile home, 1no day/utility room. 1no. touring caravan plus a garden/play area


Mr. Jaswal
Spring Farm House
Black Hill

Change of use from domestic garden to mixed domestic and storage use. Change of use from dwelling to mixed use, part residential and part business use

Mr. & Mrs. J. Carrier
White Horse Hill

T1 - Robinia (submitted as oak): fell

Consent with Conditions
Warwickshire County Council

Community Computers

Noted. Information to be displayed on Notice Board
Warwickshire Training Partnership

Seminar - Local Government White Paper

No Member to attend
Stratford on Avon District Council

Proposed Rural Cinema - Meeting of Interested Parties

Councillor Jacobs to attend

Events for 'Whats On' page of 'Your Review'

Details to be submitted

Draft SPD - Local Choice - Meeting Needs of Rural Communities

Chairman to prepare response
  (1) Reported that he had been in discussion with the County Council on the matter of parked cars in Highfield Close. Three options for action had been suggested and he was awaiting costings
  (2) The County Council had issued an Order to repair and repaint the railings in School Road
  (3) He noted that work had been carried out to the verge opposite the War Memorial
The Chairman undertook to write a letter to Mr. Mervyn Hancox thanking him for the prompt action
  (4) Reported that, due to work to be carried out at Luscombe Farm Culvert, a Road Closure Order would be issued to commence on 5th February
  (5) Referred to the two recent Road Traffic Accidents at the junction of Warwick Road and Ingon Lane and said that the County Council knew of the safety concerns. He was made aware of comments and suggestions made during the period of public participation. He suggested that they write to Mr. Malcom Graham, Road Safety Unit at the County Council
  (6) Said that enforcement action was being taken in respect of Corner Cottage, The Green and the Fox Hunter Public House
Also, enquiries were being made about a caravan at Snitterfield Fruit Farm
The Chairman introduced the subject and referred to the presentation by Mr. Charles Barlow at the December Meeting. He noted the possible site identified on the section of land containing garages off Bearley Road. However, he suggested that there was a need to identify other options, preferably in alternative parts of the Parish
After discussion, it was agreed to make further enquiries and to report back to the February Meeting

Councillor Jones referred to the presentation given by Ms. Cindy Musgrave and said that he was prepared to act as liaison with SWEEP.
It was agreed that arrangements should proceed to hold an exhibition and it was acknowledged that volunteers would be required to form an energy efficiency team
Councillor Jones reported on the analysis of the thermal imaging project in respect of the Village Hall. He spoke of several improvements including, a lobby vestibule at front entrance, replacement of wall insulation at rear, double glazing and insulation of main doors

Councillor Jones
Referred to applications for arboricultural work and said that any trees, which were felled, should be replaced. He said that this would be appropriate to the Carbon Footprint Project

Councillor Fitchford
Referred to the Cemetery and the condition of the footpaths. He pointed to the need for a more effective weedkiller to be used.
It was noted that there is a need to engage the services of a Tree Surgeon

Councillor Mrs. Morlidge
Reported that the drain outside No 4, Shelby Lane was blocked
Referred to the matter of the 'Fruit Farm' sign in Kings Lane, which had been raised at the December Meeting. She said that, on inspection, it did appear to be more obtrusive than the former sign. She queried whether Planning Permission should be required
Councillor Hobbs undertook to take follow up action on both matters
Councillor Stammers
Reported that the Kissing Gate at Brookside was in need of repair

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the Meeting closed at 9 -10 p.m.