Councillor Mrs. S. Morlidge (Chairman)
Councillor W. A. Collett
Councillor R. J. Fitchford
Councillor J. Jacobs
Councillor Miss C. Kimberley
Councillor G. J. Stammers

Clerk of the Council, I. A. Wilkins
5 Members of Public
There was a 20-minute period of public participation prior to the formal agenda

County and District Councillor R. G. Hobbs


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th October 2005, having been previously circulated, were agreed and signed by the Chairman
  (a) Protected Trees at the Park
It was noted that a case was still being prepared for prosecution
  (b) Planning Enforcement Matters
The Clerk read a letter from Mr. Lech Kocon, Enforcement Officer concerning the removal of the hedgerow at Snitterfield Fruit Farm.
He stated that he was awaiting a consultation response from the Forestry and Landscape section before a decision would be taken on
  (c) Parish Plan
Councillor Stammers reported that he and the Chairman had attended the Meeting of the Avon Area Community Committee, where the Parish plan had been adopted. Committee Members had been impressed with the standard of the Plan. He said that the Plan would now be submitted for printing and that he would report back on the costs in due course.
He added that he intended to submit the Plan for entry to the Village Venture Competition
  (a) Bank of Ireland

Interest on Deposit Account

£102 - 01
  (b) K.J.Evetts Atteys Field - Grazing Rights
£330 - 00
  (c) Geo. Clifford & Sons Cemetery Fee (Steele)
£50 - 00
Payments to be Authorised
  (a) Evesons Fuels Ltd.

Supply and install new condensing boiler - Village Hall

£1820 - 00
  (b) Cleanaway Grass Cutting contract
£721 - 45
  (c) Greenacre Garden Services Grass Cutting contract
£108 - 00
  (d) Powergen Energy plc Street lighting supply
£109 - 75
  (e) ABB Street lighting maintenance
£154 - 63
  (f) Severn Trent Water Supply of water - Atteys Field
(Direct Debit)
£61 - 69
  (g) Jukes Pest Services Mole Control - Quarterly payment
£75 - 00
  (h) Society of Local Council Clerks Annual Conference - additional payment
£18 - 00
  (i) Powergen Electricity supply to Village Hall
(Direct Debit)
£33 - 00
  (j) British Gas Gas supply to Village Hall
(Direct Debit)
£86 - 00
  (k) Stratford on Avon District Council Outstanding Council Tax - Youth Club
£51 - 00
  (l) Margaret Tweed Maintenance of Flower Tubs
£59 - 66
  (m) Warwickshire Training Partnership Briefing Seminar attended by Clerk
£25 - 00
Proposed Councillor Mrs. Morlidge, Seconded Councillor Stammers,
'that the payments be authorised'
So resolved, nem con
  (a) Merrill Lynch

Investment statement- Charinco

(a) James Wiggington
Hawkeswood Farm
Gospel Oak Lane
Erection of single storey building to side of existing south elevation of barn. Fire escape to existing building, new roof to stable block and change of use to civil war museum
Submission Support
  (1) Diversification of farming into Educational and Tourism
  (2) No problems of noise pollution
  (3) No traffic hazard when entering or leaving the site
  (4) Will employ 10 - 12 local people
  (5) Will sell local produce in the café (purchased from the Village Stores)
  (6) Proposed car and minibus parking will be on grass (open blocks with grass growing through the blocks
Amendment to original application - Revised design of proposed café and shop, revised parking layout and entrance access
Submission Support
(b) Mr. R. Evans
Foxhunter Inn
The Square
First floor extension to provide additional living accommodation to manager's private flat
  (1) Windows on the South and East elevation overlook the adjacent properties and, therefore, impact upon the amenities
  (2) The stairs down to the car park will cause the loss of two parking spaces, thus causing additional street parking congestion in either School Road, Smiths Lane or The Green
Comments - the need to extend the living area is clear, but this may be in conflict with the Green Belt Policy and acceptable development in the centre of the Village Conservation Area. Also, the extraction unit from the kitchen must be raised and
re-positioned so as not to cause a nuisance to the adjoining property
Following additional information from the Planning Officer, the above submission was withdrawn. However, the following issues were raised for consideration
  (1) The proposed extension to the upper level is materially larger than that of the approved application S94/0675, i.e. 50%
  (2) No detailed drawings are available and no specifications for windows.
Overlook is a problem for Horseshoe Cottage, Dexted and No. 5, Bell Lane
  (3) Loss of two car parking spaces will cause additional disruption to the cross-roads and possible congestion in The Green and School Road
  (4) The drawings do not show the position of the extraction unit from the kitchen. No Planning Permission for this equipment can be found in the Parish Council records
  (5) Detailed site plans with levels are needed to get a clear picture of how the extension will affect/impact upon the neighbouring properties
  (6) The Parish Council understands that Environmental Health Officers have visited this site. The Parish Council feels that, until the environmental issues are resolved, the planning application should be deferred
In conclusion, the Parish Council has received information from the previous owner of the Foxhunter Inn which suggests that two applications to extend the property were made in 1994. The Parish Council would like to know what they were and whether they were withdrawn, amended or granted. A full record of applications in respect of the property is essential for all parties so that an appropriate decision can be made
(c) Mr. R. Evans
Corner Cottage
The Green
Re-site existing gates together with new brick walls and piers
Submission Object
  (1) The gates and walls are inappropriate and are not in keeping with surrounding properties
  (2) The gates and wall have an adverse impact on the street scene in a Conservation Area (photographs attached)
Comments - The Parish Council is opposed to retrospective Planning Applications and we support the comments of Councillor Beese reported in the Stratford Herald dated 15th September, 2005
(d) Mr & Mrs. G. Boxall
Old Coach House
Church Road
Proposed erection of detached car port, bay window and open porch
Submission Object
On the grounds that the proposed garage will obscure the view onto the countryside, even though it is recognized that the applicant has made an effort to alleviate this by changing the position
Contrary to Village Design Statement and Local Plan Policy EF12 (Conservation Areas)
(e) Paul R. Walker
1, Duffins Piece

Proposed installation of automated electronic vehicular security gates, pedestrian side gate and railings at theentrance of Duffins Piece. In the interest of security, safety and to prevent unauthorised turning of vehicles on private driveways
Submission Object
  (1) The gates are inappropriate for the rural area of The Green and they are purely cosmetic and offer no security whatsoever
  (2) The access is very narrow and vehicles arriving at the gates and not being allowed to enter, must reverse down the lane, putting the properties of Nos. 25 and 26 at risk of damage
  (3) The lane is a public footpath and any walkers will be put at risk by reversing vehicle
  (4) All vehicles must leave Duffins Piece in a forward direction and turning area must be provided within land owned by the properties in Duffins Piece
Comment - The original Planning Application for the three properties in Duffins Piece included adequate turning and parking space. If this is no longer available, then
the owners of the properties have created this situation themselves
If No.1 needs increased security, then they could put gates across the driveway
Note the rules about boundary walls and gates abutting a highway only 1 metre high
If this is a Private Road, then the ownership of the road may need to be established. This has not been verified in this application
(f) Mrs. S.D. Walter
The Spinney
Kings Lane
Replacement bathroom and demolition of store, W.C and shed
Submission Support
It will not impact upon any other properties, nor the local street scene
(a) Mr & Mrs. D. Wimpress
29, The Green
Proposed two storey extension

Permission with Conditions

(b) Steve Dawkes
Hollow Meadow Farm
Kings Lane
Change of use from an agricultural use to a mixed agricultural/storage use


(c) Miss F. Hewitt
13, The Green
T1 - T6 - Leyland cypress - reduce height by one third
T7 & T8 - Leyland cypress - reduce height by one third and cut back branches close to overhead wires
T9 - Leyland cypress - reduce height by one third
T10 - Leyland cypress - reduce height by one third and cut back branches close to overhead wires
T11 - Western red cedar - reduce height by one third
T12 - cypress - reduce height by one third T13 - cypress - reduce height by 50%

(d) Mr. R. Evans
Corner Cottage
The Green
Re-site existing gates together with new brick walls and piers


(a) James Wiggington
Hawkeswood Farm
Gospel Oak Lane
Erection of single storey building to side of existing south elevation of barn. Fire escape to existing building, new roof to stable block and change of use to civil war museum

Permission with Conditions

Warwickshire County Council
(a) Countryside Access and Rights of Way Improvement Plan
(b) Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Authority Integrated Risk Management Action Plan 2006-2007
(c) Provisional Local Transport Plan 2006-2011
(d) Statement of Community Involvement Submission Consultation
All to be considered at item 10 on the Agenda
Warwickshire Police Authority
(a) Police Reform Consultation
Clerk to attend Meeting and report back
Morrison Construction Services
(a) A46/M40 Junction 15 Improvement - Public Liaison Group
Councillor Stammers attended the initial Meeting and reported on the proposals, which caused concern to the various representatives. A second Meeting would be held in due course when alternative routes could be viewed.
A Public Enquiry is to be held in November, 2006 and work will commence in the Summer of 2007. It is anticipated that the new route will be opened in Summer, 2009
An exhibition will be held at the Warwick Hilton on 25/26th November
The Clerk submitted copies of the Village Hall Management Committee for the period 1st April, 2004 to 31st March, 2005
Councillor Mrs. Morlidge declared a Personal Interest

Proposed Councillor Collett, Seconded Councillor Stammers
'that the accounts be received'
So resolved, nem con
The Chairman reported that she had made enquiries concerning the supply of Cotswold Shingle for use in improving the condition of the paths. She gave details of the cost and area covered
It was agreed to calculate the required amount and to obtain quotations for the labour involved

The Clerk submitted a quotation from Greenacre Garden Services to weed and clear the paths and to rake and remove all debris to a cost £70-00
It was agreed to accept this quotation
It was further agreed to obtain quotations to tidy the hedge and clear undergrowth at the top end of the Cemetery
The Clerk said that he had applied to Environmental Services for the supply of a green waste bin
The repair to the gate was ongoing
The Clerk said that there had been an increase in the number of consultations received and referred to the four items listed under 'CORRESPONDENCE' at item 7 on the Agenda. He said that the consultations were usually lengthy and had a short response date. He said that it was necessary to adopt a policy to formulate appropriate responses
After discussion of various options, it was agreed that the Clerk should study each consultation and report back on the relevance of the content to the Council. A decision could then be adopted on the process of a response
The Clerk said that the date of the Meeting had been provisionally set for 5th December, but the Chairman would not be available on that date
It was agreed to set the date for Monday 16th January, 2006
Councillor Hobbs
Reported items submitted to the Chairman prior to the Meeting
Expressed concern at how the standard of road sweeping was being monitored. He said that under the contract, the kerbed roads in the village should be swept four times a year and a sweeping is due shortly
He asked to be informed of any roads not swept
Said that he had asked the County Council to clear the footbridge over the brook at the bottom of Bell Lane.
He had also put in a bid for funding to repaint the railings in School Road
Referred to an incident of egg throwing in School Road on Halloween Night and said that the Police were slow to react. He had met with Chief Superintendent Whitehouse to try and resolve the problem, but calls relating to 12 separate incidents in different villages had been received within a period of 30 minutes
He added that he was fighting for local accountability for policing in Warwickshire to be retained with the merger of forces
Councillor Fitchford
Raised the matter of appointing a person to sweep the footpaths in the village. He said that the subject had been discussed previously and he asked that it be actively pursued
The Clerk undertook to follow up
Councillor Stammers
Referred to a recent road accident in Smiths Lane and queried the details
It was noted that the accident involved a motor scooter and a car, which resulted in injury to the rider
Councillor Jacobs
Asked about the position of the proposed amended scheme for the Village Hall Management Committee
The Clerk said that the matter was ongoing, but he referred to the difficulty in tracing the original deeds
Councillor Jacobs added that the Management Committee was considering the need to provide warming ovens in the kitchen

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the Meeting closed at
9-00 p.m


Mr. Guest
Spoke of the re-surfacing work, which had been carried out, on A46 for a short distance from Marroway Island towards Snitterfield
He had taken this matter up with the Highways Agency and had been told that the re-surfacing of the highway between Marroway Island and Bishopton was in the works programme commencing April, 2006
Councillor Fitchford reported that cracks had appeared on the highway at the top of Bishopton Hill
The Clerk undertook to report the matter to the Highways Agency
Mr. Guest reported that the caravans at Snitterfield Fruit Farm which were subject of the recent Planning Application had been removed
Rubbish had also been removed, but a quantity of plastic bags remained

Mr Chatland
Referred to his previous request to have a record made of matters introduced during the period of public participation
The Clerk said that he had received advice that such matters should not be included as part of the Minutes, but could be included on a separate sheet attached to the Minutes
He undertook to commence this practice immediately
Referred to the gate to the Large Playing Field which was in need of repair and asked about the current position
He was informed that repairs would be carried out as soon as possible