Paul Blanchard
Tel.No. 01789 731684
Nicola Everall
Tel.No. 01926 485066
Mobile No. 07940 476727
Cathy Kimberley
Tel. No. 01789 730350
Parish Councillors
Pat Cox
Tel. No. 01789 730672
District Councillor
Corrine Elliott
Tel. No. 01789 730768
Peter Richards
Mobile No. 07970 588516
Guy Norris
Tel. No. 01789 730308
Claudine Pearson
Tel. No. 01789 730587
County Councillor  
Paul Smith
Tel. No. 01789 730803
  Ann Parry
Mobile No. 07917 117737

The council members are available to help and assist in any Parish related issues.
The council members are all bound by the Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors.
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure anyone in a public office, conduct themselves in a responsible way, with respect, with impartiality, without compromise, discrimination, or conflict of interest

Click here for Notice of Conclusion of Audit for Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2018

Appointment of Special Responsibilities

The following Councillors were assigned to Special Responsibilities as set out below:

Flood Alleviation Committee Councillor C Pearson
Village Fete Committee Councillor C Pearson
Village Hall Management Committee Councillor P Blanchard
Allotments Councillor C Kimberley
Play Areas and Grass Cutting Councillor P Smith
Cemetery Parish Clerk
Public Footpaths Councillor C Elliott
Press Correspondent Councillor G Norris
Maintenance of Defibrillator Councillor C Elliott
Neighbourhood Plan Committee Councillor C Kimberley
Speed Watch Councillor P Cox
Community Cafe Councillor P Cox