Welcoming members to the April meeting, Sylvia Morlidge who was in the chair owing to the absence of Judith Walker,reminded members that the WI are hosting the "BIG BREAKFAST" in the village hall for the Royal Wedding celebration. Volunteers are needed between 8-10.30am. Also for the stall at the fete on June 19th cakes, jams and chutneys are needed. Sylvia then introduced the speaker Marie- Claire Hoare whose talk was entitled "The funny side of the law." Marie-Claire qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and in 2004 set up J H Law which specialises in litigation. She explained that "funny" in this case was peculiar not haha. She described to us two interesting cases with which she has been involved. One involved a race horse called Corama which was owned by a syndicate. Each member of a syndicate owns a particular part of the horse but all expenses and winnings are shared equally. The horse has to be registered at Wetherby`s with 2 nominated partners. In this case the managing agent and the transport manager. The complication arose when the transport manager claimed to have been given the horse in exchange for a debt! However all was eventually sorted and the syndicate members regained their shares of the horse. The other case involved a wealthy business man, his wife and two daughters. All seemed to be going well untill he took a mistress, many years younger than himself . It seems that the situation continued for many years before his wife found out and eventually the law was needed to sort out the tangle!

The next meeting is Wednesday 11th May when we will be discussing this years resolutions which are "The proposed Mega farms" and "Closures of local libraries"