Before introducing the speaker for the evening, Judith Walker, our President, and Angela Tomes, secretary for the evening, gave us information about coming events. The WI Olympic baton which will find it`s way to Snitterfield on May 4th will come via Bearley and then be handed on to Old Town WI. Jubilee celebrations, in which our WI are hoping to be involved, are at present planned to be a tea party in the village hall on Saturday 2nd June, organised by the school and the Sports Club celebrations.

Judith next introduced Phillipa Childsworth whose talk was entitled "Followed my Heart to Kenya". Phillipa was accompanied by her husband Tim. Tim was in charge of the laptop presentation which proclaimed in large letters "". Jambo is Kenyan for Hello! Phillipa explained how she was invited to her brother`s wedding in Kenya in 2002 which turned out to be quite different from her expectations. Her brother`s future wife Jane had been involved with the village of Kajire which had no water,electricity or any infrastructure causing pregnant women to walk 12 miles to the nearest hospital. So, somehow, Jane had a hospital built in their own village. This village was where the wedding was to take place. More than a thousand villagers turned up to support the married couple and from this moment Phillipa decided that she wanted to help these people. She started a Fair Trade business after visiting Kibera slum which is the largest in Africa. Just outside Nairobi, on the edge of a luscious green golf course, in approximately 1 mile square , one and a half million people live with no running water or electricity and with open sewers running between the houses(shacks). 25% have Aids and life expectancy is 38. These people are willing to work and produce beautiful handmade items. Phillipa imported these goods and at her first sale at Malvern Fair Trade fair she very quickly sold out and so it was back to Kenya for more and now there is a thriving business, ""which is benifitting the people who live in the slums of Kenya. They have now built a church and a school. The village people have set up their own concern making sandals out of old car tyres. There is a bike shop bringing easy transport and another man has set up a charcoal business. The lives of many of these people have been improved thanks to Fair Trade! Phillipa and Tim brought along some of their produce which consisted of eye catching handbags, wallets and purses made chiefly from goats skin. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from natural stones and shells. They even showed us a size 18 sandal made from car tyres for a 71/2 foot warrier. A truly inspirational talk!

The next meeting is May 9th which is Resolutions evening. Amongst the possible resolutions to be discussed are Field Study Centres, Airborne Litter, Reducing Fuel Poverty,Employment of more mid-wives,Legal Status for British Sign Language and Helmets for Cyclists.