The February meeting of the WI was an excellent talk from John Clews of the RSPB.
John gave us the history of the organisation as well as telling us about the decline of birds, the RSPB campaigns and how we can help the bird population in our gardens.
The protection of birds was first thought of in 1889 when Emily Williamson was concerned about the number of birds killed for the use of their feather in hats. She got together a group of friends and they boycotted hats with feathers.
The RSPB was eventually formed in 1904 and the plumage trade abolished in 1921.
He told us that 55million birds are killed by cats and encouraged cat owners to keep their cats in at dawn and just before sunset, also put a bell on the cat's collar.
The RSPB works with Farmers and with children, they also work for renewable energy to reduce global warming, which is another threat to birds.
They work to preserve rainforests in Indonesia and have 209 reserves in the UK.
John accompanied his talk with beautiful slides and he said we were the only group that he had talked to who identified all his pictures!

The next meeting is Wednesday March 9th when Rod Quilter will amuse us with "Remarkable Restraints- the history of corsetry"
New members very welcome. We meet every second Wednesday of the month in the Village Hall at 7.30.