In the absence of Sylvia Morlidge our new President, Judith Walker our ex President took the chair. The turnout was smaller than usual probably because of the wet and windy weather.Judith reported that at the recent meeting of the village fete committee it was decided that WI would make some old fashioned type sweets to carry on the theme of this year`s fete which is to be about memories of World Wars 1 and 2. The committee have also suggested that we have a monthly outing as well as the regular meeting. Amongst the suggested outings are a visit to Evesham cinema with a meal, High tea at the Avoncroft museum and a game of croquet with a meal.

Lindsay Rushton then introduced the speaker Nicola Matthews. Nicola is one of our own members who is a nurse and also a counsellor for BPAS. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service deals with abortion problems and family planning. Nicola is a qualified nurse with five children of her own. She outlined the nature of her work with BPAS and explained that part of her job was to counsell women thinking about terminating a pregnancy and also to give appropriate family planning advise.

Nicola outlined the history of birth control which can be traced back to ancient times when many methods were used not necessarily very successfully nor hygeinically! Almost 100 years ago Marie Stopes set up a birth control clinic run by midwives and doctors. She also wrote a book called "Married Love" which was an innovation in its day and immediately sold 2000 copies. She subsequently set up the family planning association. Until 1967 abortion was illegal so many women had "back street" abortions often resulting in serious injury and death. After the act women were able to have legal abortions . Pro-life groups still have strong objections to abortion.

The latest and most effective birth control is a small devise which is implanted in the arm and will last for 3 years but can be removed at any time. Many men have a vasectomy.

The next meeting is March 12th when Rachel Higgins will talk about Metal Sculpture. New members are always welcome.