One might expect to feel a trifle nervous when facing Warwickshire Federation ladies running a ‘health check’ on our institution. But Sue Ensor and Ruth McCartney proved to be delightful ‘doctors’, leading us smoothly through the process with imagination and humour.

Their first surprise was a plastic bag of blood – or red water – to represent how healthily we have organised and planned our programme; no thinning of blood here. To add strength and determination, a red wickerwork heart showed the enthusiasm of our members. To complement this came the lungs, as new ideas brought interest to our events; and the mouth, communicating in many ways, as the arms opened to welcome new members, showing our desire to help the wider community.

At last came strong legs, striding forwards to put into practice what had been suggested and to enable the head – in this case our Committee – to make the whole body a positive force for good.

All this gave us food for thought as we moved into small discussion groups with plenty to say and remember. Taking a new look at ourselves reminded us of events such as: holding stalls at the village fête; reading to pre-school children; participating in church services; holding craft days and cookery tastings; litter-picking, embroidery classes – and, inevitably, baking cakes for all and sundry. Finally, taking our resolutions seriously.

Our future activities are many and varied: walking on February 23rd; lunch at the Snitterfield Arms on February 28th; skittles on April 6th. However, this branch is not going to stagger along, running out of steam. So, if you would like to come along and give yourself this kind of ‘health check’ please join us at our next monthly meeting, which will include a demonstration of organic soap-making, on Wednesday March 14.