This was a very well attended meeting for the first in 2012 and included one visitor who, we hope, will join our membership.
Judith Walker, our President, welcomed everyone and wished us all a Happy New Year.

Before introducing the speaker we heard about various” happenings “ in the future amongst which there is to be a Murder Mystery evening in the village hall on March 10th. This is a combined effort between WI and the Village Hall Committee to raise money for improvements to the village hall.

Ann Farr then introduced Rachel Grubb, the title of whose talk was “The Rise and Fall of the Pelvic floor” or “Plumbing for Beginners”! Rachel is part of a team, working at Warwick and Stratford hospitals,who deal with problems in this particular area of the anatomy mostly with women but, of course, men can be affected too. Because of the way we are designed a lot of women`s problems are a result of child bearing. Rachel stressed how important it is to do pelvic floor exercises to keep those muscles strong. As well as those exercises she gave the following tips:-
Aim to drink between 3 and 4 pints of fluid a day; water is best
Eliminate caffeine
Reduce tea and coffee intake
Avoid alcohol
Never empty your bladder “just in case”
Rachel`s talk was very informative accompanied by some simple, easy to understand drawings , on her laptop presentation. Finally she had us all trying out the pelvic floor exercises.

The next meeting will be February 8th and James Watson will talk about “Powering the Nation” which is all about the National grid. This meeting will be open to partners and friends or anyone who is interested. We meet in Snitterfield village hall at 7.30pm.