At the July meeting, it was announced that we are holding a coffee morning on Saturday September 1st to promote membership of our WI. We hope to encourage more women, of all ages, to join us. Ann Farr, then, announced that we had made a profit of £200 at the barbecue. Sylvia Morlidge thanked Ann and John for hosting the event. £80 was also raised at the cake stall at the Fete.

There then followed "An Audience with Arthur Lowe: World Champion."

It transpired that Arthur Lowe was a world champion swimmer! A European champion swimmer at the age of 75! Arthur went on to describe, intermingled with amusing stories and anecdotes, how he came to achieve this.
Amongst other things he told us he was, at this time, on honeymoon having been married for only 12 days; he originally came from the Ladywood area of Birmingham having been born into a very poor family; he married for the first time in 1960 and built his own house in 1966, he is proud to have the same name as the star of "Dad`s Army".
He first discovered his talent for swimming at about the age of 7. His family could not afford a costume for him so he had to borrow one and he took on various ways of raising money for sessions at the local baths. During Army service in 1955 he won a prize for backstroke. The prize being a carving knife!. His record at that time was 2 minutes 55seconds but now, 57 years on, and after a lot of training his time is 2 minutes 40 seconds.
Arthur Lowe has led a quite remarkable life and he now attributes his confidence to speak at meetings to his membership of the Speakers club. He gave us two saying which have helped him through his life "Tenacity is a Talent" and "You are what you want to be" and ended with "If at first you don`t succeed don`t try sky diving".

We don`t have a meeting in August, but on the 12th September Lee Figures will tell us about "Natural Health Remedies for Common Ailments"