The July meeting is the last before the summer break. We meet again in September but before that there will be a barbecue at our president Sylvia Morlidge`s house by kind permission of Sylvia and her husband Peter. Jackie Legge has also organised a champagne brunch at The Barn Long Marston. The garden party organised by our member Jan Horsnell and her husband raised over £3000 for pancreatic cancer. Well done everyone! Anne Farr is thinking ahead to Christmas and is asking us all to save plastic milk bottle tops for making Christmas decorations.

The speaker for the evening was Glynis Gayton.Glynis came to tell us about the history and workings of Gayton bakeries in Grendon North Warickshire for whom she went to work as a Saturday girl. She fell in love and married the boss`s youngest son and is now the co owner, with her son, of the entire business. The bakery was founded in 1919 by her husband`s grandfather who, owing to becoming very deaf because of serving in the trenches during the first great war, could not return to his job as a miner. The bakery has gone from strength to strength and now employs 15 people and as well as bread produces many varieties of pastries and cakes.
Glynis described to us the process of breadmaking and although it is now mechanised it is fundamentally the same process as when it was all made by hand in 1919. She had brought along several examples of bread and rolls which she very generously gave for raffling at the end of the evening. So many of us were able to take home some of her produce to sample. Unfortunately her distribution range does not reach Stratford.