Sylvia Morlidge opened the meeting with a report of the Warwickshire Spring Council meeting which was held at Chesford Grange Hotel . Speakers were Tim Hewlett who was head of royal travel and gave some interesting and amusing anecdotes about royalty. They apparently prefer comfort to opulence. The other speaker was Eleanor Stuart.Her interesting career swung from entering a convent to become a nun but then deciding it was not the life for her. She then became a midwife and eventually married and had a family. It was also announced that 2015 will be the Centenary of WI and that the Queen has been invited to join the next Council meeting. As yet she has not replied!..Her Majesty is a member of Sandringham WI.

Other County events are a Clothes show, a treasure hunt, a Sari Silk workshop and a trip to the Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth.

The speaker for the evening was Rachel Higgins who is a metal sculptor. Rachel and her husband are both award winning artists exhibiting work in various galleries in Warwickshire and Yorkshire. They met at Art college and have two sons. Rachel began sculpting from scrap metal, especially old farm machinery found on her parent`s farm. She also set up a studio in a barn on the farm. Her work is inspired by her surroundings. The farm animals such as the chickens and, especially , the pigs. A great deal of her work is commissioned for peoples gardens. Her most recent commission was for a Norfolk terrier. She does a fair amount of reseach before beginning a work and takes photos from many angles. Her particular favourite animal is the pig. She also is fond of automating her animals. The mechanics are very simple and by turning a handle a chicken will move it`s wings and nod it`s head. The pig also moves it`s head and shuffles it`s feet. Rachel now uses perforated sheet metal as well as wire for her sculptures.

The next meeting is April 9th when the speaker will be Maureen Weaver who is a visitor for the independent monitoring board for Gartree prison. An opportunity to hear what goes on in prisons and how they are monitored. THIS IS AN OPEN MEETING . EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN US. THERE IS A SMALL ADMITTANCE CHARGE INCLUDING COFFE/TEA AND CAKES.