Judith Walker, our President, thanked everyone involved in producing the Big Breakfast on the morning of the Royal Wedding. Well over 100 breakfasts were cooked by the WI team! Together with the new Big Screen on which the TV pictures came through loud and clear, it made for an altogether wonderful occasion.

Future events are the supper party on the 24th June at Joyce Norman's house and a "Summer Pudding", an entertainment produced by Pauline Brace and some friends from the RSC, in the church on the 25th June. This latter event is in aid of the church restoration fund.
May's meeting was the evening to discuss this year's resolutions.

The first resolution; "This meeting abhors the practice of factory farming particularly large animals such as pigs and cows and urges H.M. Government to ensure planning permission is not granted for such projects"

A very interesting debate with strong arguments both for and against.
For the resolution; the impact on small farmers, unacceptable impact on the environment and large scale units are unnatural.
Against the resolution; Greater monitoring of the welfare of animals, planning is a devolved issue and large dairy farms could ensure food supplies for a growing population in the future.
Also, Defra has commissioned a 3 year study into housing cattle all year round, the results of which are not yet known.
The motion was carried by a majority with one abstention and one against.

The second resolution; "This meeting urges H.M. Government to maintain support for local libraries, as an essential local educational and information resource."

The meeting was wholeheartedly in support of this one.
Warwickshire has to save more than £60 million across all services by 2014 and are planning to cut 16 of the 34 libraries in the county and reducing mobile services from 5 to 3. Also cutting opening times in the remaining ones. It was felt that children and older people would be most affected. Children are already bombarded with electronics and this might be one more nail in the coffin for books. Also for older people libraries are a way of meeting others and for the less well off a source of reading material.
It is understood that this resolution is already backed up by local campaigns and, unfortunately, in a time of economic downturn, cuts to some services are inevitable.

The next meeting on June 8th, Lt. Col. Lesinski and "Royal Occasions".
This will be open to all for a small fee.