The Snitterfield WI Annual Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Wednesday, 10th November 2010

The officers' reports were read and accepted and the acting Chairman, Judith Walker, thanked Ros Webb, the retiring Chairman, who had had to stand down early due to other commitments, for all her hard work during the year. She also thanked the committee for their support when she had to take over.

Judith was elected to continue in the chair for the coming year and the previous committee was re-elected en bloc.

Then, one of our members, Siat Vincent, gave a most interesting talk about her work as a Chinese language teacher. Because she also teaches music at her primary school, Siat has introduced Chinese songs to the choir and the whole school sings Jingle Bells in Chinese at Christmas time!

Siat was invited by the Chinese Government to study for three weeks in Beijing under the Hanban Scheme, which promotes the teaching of Chinese throughout the world. There she met teachers from Canada, Australia, Russia and Korea.

She found that schoolchildren in China are under great pressure to do well. The children are well behaved in class, responding to the high expectation of their teachers and their parents, and the atmosphere in the classroom is gentle and calm. Most of them are the 'only child', due to the 'one child per family' policy of the Chinese Government and therefore team games and extra curricular activities are encouraged.

Children are taught English from the age of 7 and are not allowed to attend university without knowledge of that language

After thanking Siat, Judith announced that the WI Christmas will be held on Wednesday, 8th December, in the Village Hall.