Deborah Brady, our speaker for October, was a photojournalist who worked for many of the national newspapers, such as the Daily Mirror, the Express and the Times. She told us she caught her enthusiasm for photography from her first boyfriend. He didn't last, but the camera did! Her career started off with a lucky break. She managed to get an exclusive shot of Michael Jackson as he arrived in this country in the 1980s. She also had her photo of Jenny Seagrove, coming out of court after her divorce, printed on the front page of the Today newspaper. She was on the scene for many major incidents, including the Kegworth crash, Lockerbie, the Poll Tax riots, Clapton train crash, and Hungerford.

Using our own Jan Horsnell as a model, Deborah demonstrated how many cameras were necessary for a good photographer. Long range, close range, a large bag for all emergency articles, including knickers, in case she had to travel, and even a lightweight ladder for getting a better view of the subject.

Then, at the age of 33, Deborah had an about turn of career. She did a degree in countryside management and now her talents have turned to wildlife photography. She also lectures at Denman College and tours the country giving talks about her journalistic life. Deborah displayed some of her brilliant photos, mainly in black and white, portraits of some of the people she meets in her work. A most entertaining talk from an obvious enthusiast.