We were welcomed by President Judith Walker who informed us of several events happening in the future. The following evening was to be a group meeting in Hatton Park village hall with Charles Hanson of Bargain Hunt from BBC2. Coming up are an afternoon tea at a local hotel and a Christmas supper in December. Pauline Brace is giving a series of lectures about Thomas Hardy and Ann Farr is doing a workshop for Christmas tree boxes. Warwickshire WI are holding their own Olympics next summer!

The speaker for the evening was Cat McFadyen. After 20 years in the Insurance industry Cat became an image consultant with "Colour me Beautiful". Cat was dressed in a colourful outfit of red and green, but, as she explained, with her shade of auburn hair the reds and greens were warm shades rather than vibrant.
Cat emphasised that body shape and size does not matter. To feel well dressed you need to select the right colours, suitable styles for your shape and personality and current fashion appropriate to your lifestyle. She then outlined various colour types and appropriate use of colour. A fair haired fair skinned person would look best in pale colours. Someone with dark colouring should wear strong colours, and, according to Cat , this is the only type who can successfully wear black. A red head looks best in warm colours.
After her talk Cat gave various members a face makeup and recommended the best type of cosmetics for them. Cat McFadyen gives individual consultations but after her talk we will all be a little more conscious of what we are wearing.

The next meeting on November 9th is the Annual Meeting after which there will be a quiz.