There was quite a good turnout for this month`s meeting and new members keep coming.

Amongst future diary items were the Group meeting at Norton Lindsey on 25th October, Pauline Brace is giving a talk about Charles Dickens in celebration of his bi-centenary, and a group of us are visiting the puppy dog training for the disabled at Gaydon. Volunteers were requested to perform in the Pantomime!

  Anita Higgins had brought along her wonderful array of quilts!  Several dozen from the smallest cot size to the magnificent, as yet unfinished, about 2 metres square, family heirloom.  Several years ago, Anita was between jobs and becoming very bored, so her daughter suggested she take up patchwork.  She became hooked. It took over her life to such an extent that she eventually sold her house and bought a business in Warwick. Here, she not only makes her quilts, but runs courses to teach others. She has 3 grandchildren for whom she has been making quilts since before they were born and also, anticipating them leaving home for college (the eldest is just 5), she has already got those quilts made.  In case, she says, she is not able to do it later on. She had brought along several dozen.  Some machine made, some made entirely by hand.  The most beautiful materials, cotton, silk and wool. Every colour under the sun. 

The family heirloom is a glorious piece of craftmanship. It is in shades of soft green and includes applique work and lacework, all hand done.  For this she is attending a course although she is mainly self taught. Anitas workshop has also sent out about 20 quilts to our soldiers in Afghanistan.

Thank you Anita it was a real feast for the eyes.

The next meeting is November 14th which is the Annual Meeting  to include a surprise!