Resolution Update

It is well-known that when the WI espouses a cause it follows it through and that is what Meril proved on Wednesday evening, October 14. With assistance from Friends of the Earth she brought along colourful posters and recently-collected data on developments since the protection of bees law came into force. There are 260 types of bee in the UK and their success in pollinating our plants has begun to show itself in increased yields. Pesticides in use in some areas, however, are creating lethargy in bees, resulting in slower pollination and less honey production. We are asked to put pressure on government departments to outlaw such chemicals, as outlined in the resolution passed at national level a year ago. We can help by buying organic spring flower bulbs which have not been sprayed and planting wild flower seeds which are available from reputable garden centres.

Exploring Pilates
Helen Taylor, a chartered physiotherapist, was our speaker for the evening and, with words and demonstration, explained how back and other painful areas can be treated by the use of Joseph Pilates’ exercise regime. Exercise combined with enjoyment has been proved to be beneficial in improving strength in the core muscles and mobility of the legs. Participants work at their own level and our speaker was an excellent example of what a course of Pilates could do for all of us. Classes for men and women of all ages have proved popular and our local venue is at the Sports & Social Club on Wednesdays, from 11.00 – 12.00, when Helen will be happy to discuss our problems.

Our next meeting, on Wednesday November 11, will be our AGM and will no doubt prove to be an interesting and enjoyable evening.