Judith Walker, our President, welcomed our members and five visitors.

The coffee morning was seen as a great success and we are all hoping it will result in more people joining us. Our help with the school kidz club, our book club and our tasting club were all publicised.

We have been asked by a research team working for the BBC in Northern Ireland for any information on the time Fanny Craddock, the chef, was resident in Snitterfield.

Ann Farr is to run a course on bead making in November.

Our President then introduced our speaker Lee Figures. Lee’s talk was ‘natural health remedies for common ailments’.

As well as explaining the health giving properties of many of the foods we find in our refrigerator and store cupboard, she also explained the benefits of some of the various supplements you find in your local health shop. In particular the benefits of one or two teaspoons of cider vinegar in hot water, possibly with the addition of honey, were far reaching. A very informative talk.

Our next speaker will be Anita Higgins and her talk is entitled ‘me and my quilts’.